Which are the latest gadgets to go on sale in the UK?

More than 60 new gadgets are set to hit the market in the next few weeks, with sales in the country set to surpass the £100bn market cap, according to industry figures.

As a result, the UK will become the first major economy in the world to reach its annual sales figures for 2017, according data released by the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS).

“The UK is set to set the benchmark in the global digital economy, and it’s a global opportunity for innovation,” said Toby Rimmer, chief executive of RFL Electronics.

“I think there are lots of good reasons for people to look into this market, and that’s what we’re hoping to bring to people,” said Rimmer.

The UK’s economy is currently valued at around £20bn, which makes it one of the most valuable economies in the developed world.

With the economy expected to grow at 5.7 per cent in 2018, there are plans for the government to double spending on the NHS and schools.

There are also plans to spend an extra £2bn on an additional 250,000 public sector jobs.

Sales of digital devices are expected to be one of four pillars of the government’s Brexit strategy, along with jobs and trade.

However, the government is yet to outline the exact number of gadgets it wants to introduce, with manufacturers likely to be reluctant to sell to the public.

A spokesperson for the Office for National Statistics said the number of new gadgets that would be available by Christmas had risen by around 40 per cent.

Overall, there will be an additional 200,000 jobs, with around 60 per cent of them in the service industry, according TOEFL.

Although RFL has sold some of its existing models, such as the RFL C1, it said it is still seeing demand for its products from other manufacturers.

One of the new models, the Rfl C3, will be the first to be sold in the US, with a range of features such as 3D printing, an intelligent assistant, wireless charging and a range pack, as well as the ability to control the device via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Other new gadgets include the RFl C2, which has a range for smartphones that can charge from 0 to 50 per cent, as can the R6, which can power up to four devices at once.

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