Why are we talking about this now?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Sunday that he is “deeply concerned” by the growing number of deaths in New York following a recent coronavirus pandemic, saying that the city’s emergency services have been slow to respond to the issue.

“This is a very serious problem,” de Blasio told reporters during a news conference.

“And I’m very concerned about the fact that we’re not seeing the same speed that we would like to see in terms of the response time.”

And I know that there are some people in the community who are saying, ‘We have a coronaviruses outbreak, we need to get on top of it,’ but we are not,” he added.”

I want to be clear: I am deeply concerned about this,” he said, saying he is calling for an immediate end to the coronaviral pandemic.”

What I’m saying is, I’m calling on all city officials to get the job done immediately and to not delay it,” deBlasio said.”

We are facing a pandemic with no end in sight, and that’s why I’m asking you to stop the coronas.

“The New York mayor was responding to questions about the death toll, with his office saying the city had registered 1,054 confirmed coronavires, with more than 6,300 deaths.”

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said earlier on Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the mayor’s comments were premature.””

But what we’re seeing is a significant spike in the number of new cases and deaths, particularly for children.”

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said earlier on Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the mayor’s comments were premature.

“He’s not right,” Farley told host John Dickerson.

“He’s talking about an increase in the numbers of new coronavirots.

We’ve never seen an increase of this magnitude.”

But the mayor has been criticized by other officials for his comments.

In August, he said he hoped that a coronas outbreak would be over before the end of the year, saying: “It’s a pandemics problem, not a coronaves problem.

We’re seeing the rise of this pandemic and I hope that we can get it out of the way before the holidays.”

De Blasio, who has been under intense pressure from critics in the New York metropolitan area, has sought to tamp down the pandemic by instituting a “cooling-off” period for businesses, schools, and others that were already on edge.

But many residents are still waiting to see if the city will have the resources to deal with a growing number, especially with New York’s healthcare system being in crisis.

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