How to build a smartwatch using an Arduino, Arduino Mini and Raspberry Pi

Electronic products maker Electronic Arts has released a software library for creating smartwatches that can run Android apps on their devices.

The project, called “Electronic Arts’ Smartwatch Framework,” uses the Arduino microcontroller, Raspberry Pi and an Arduino board to control a series of sensors and cameras that can be controlled remotely.

It can also send and receive data via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, or Wi-Fi.

The platform, which is available as an Arduino-compatible, open-source project on Github, lets you use any Arduino-enabled computer, including an Arduino Nano, a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino Pro Mini or an Arduino Uno.

The framework lets you write applications that use sensors, display content and interact with other sensors.

The first project using the framework was released in December and has since been downloaded more than 8 million times, according to a recent report by Technorati.

The code can be downloaded from the official website.

In an interview with The Washington Times, Electronic Arts chief executive officer Andrew Wilson said the project was aimed at helping developers develop smartwalls that could compete with Apple’s Apple Watch and Google’s Daydream VR headset.

The company is also working on a smart-watch called the Zomboid.

Electronic Arts says the framework is designed for “developers who want to create a wearable platform to help consumers, designers, and manufacturers better understand the future of wearable computing.”

The company said it’s been working with researchers and researchers from the University of California-Berkeley and others to improve the framework’s interface.

Electronic artisans build smartwands and other wearable devices.

(Photo: Electronic Arts)The Smartwatch framework was originally developed to develop wearable software that could be used by developers.

In addition to the framework, the company is building an Android app for the framework that can control the device, as well as a website for developers to share their projects.

The SDK can be used to develop and test applications for various wearable devices, including Google Glass, the Oculus Rift, the Pebble smartwatch and the Amazon Echo.

Electronic Artisans Build Smartwands to Make Themselves (and Others) Artisans can create the first smartwares from scratch.

(Video: Eric Mika/Reuters)The company’s other smartwearing projects include a smart home, an augmented reality game, a video game and a digital billboard.

Electronic arts has also been developing software to connect to Wi-fi networks, to make it easier to connect devices, and to control smartwears using Bluetooth Low-Energy, Wi-Flux and other protocols.

The firm has also developed a new tool for creating wearable games, called Game Maker.

The tool can be installed on a device and uses an app to create and manage a smartwear, the Journal Sentinel reported.

In September, the firm unveiled a new platform called the Creative Electronics Products Inc. platform.

It offers an SDK for creating new products for electronic artisans to sell online and to create for retail stores.