How the Apple Watch can be more than just a watch

Apple Watch is an electronic device, but it can be even more than that.

The smartwatch is designed to be a personal assistant and to help users find information, but the Apple team has also built it into a platform for collaboration.

When you talk to someone on the watch, they can tap their way to the next step in their life, or you can tap a screen to call them up to share a story.

With a simple tap of the screen, you can send messages, send emails, send music, or send photos.

If you want to share an image, you’ll tap on the camera icon in the upper right corner.

This means that when you talk with someone on a phone, the phone will automatically pull up a preview of the image they’re looking at.

The screen on the Apple watch shows the status of all your Apple Watch apps, including notifications, and the time.

The Apple Watch also has a large widget that will show you the next day’s news and weather.

It’s an incredibly useful feature, and one that we’ve seen in many smartwatches, including Google’s and Samsung’s.

But if you need a more personal experience, you might be interested in this post on how you can make it a little more personal. 

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