How to get the best smartphone battery for your wallet

The best smartphone batteries are actually all the same, according to one analyst who has been tracking them since the iPhone first hit the market.

But you might not be aware that the same battery technology is found in almost every smartphone battery, according, to a new report from research firm Kinpo Electronics.

The report by the firm, based in Taiwan, found that Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi all use the same batteries, and all use different batteries in the same models.

It also found that the phones that are the best at producing those batteries are often the cheapest ones, with a median selling price of just $7.

The research firm found that most smartphones use either Li-ion or the older Li-polymer battery cells.

That makes sense, because batteries are still expensive, and batteries are expensive because of the lithium ion technology that underpins smartphones.

The biggest reason for the differences is that some smartphones use different electrolyte compounds that are not available in all smartphones.

The other major factor is the manufacturing process.

That can be a factor in the batteries’ performance.

Samsung, for example, is known for using a high-volume manufacturing process, while LG is known to use a low-volume process.

For this report, Kinpo looked at three categories of smartphones: phones with removable batteries, phones with battery packs that don’t have any cells in them, and phones with batteries that are made from batteries that were originally made from Li-Polymer, which is a material that uses metal electrodes and a layer of electrolyte to form a battery.

“There’s a lot of overlap between all of those,” Kinpo president and CEO Yujie Sun said in a press release.

“We can compare different materials, but the biggest difference is the electrolyte, and that is what we want to analyze.”

The Kinpo study looked at each smartphone’s battery chemistry, including the type of battery, the type and amount of lithium in it, and the material used in the manufacturing of the batteries.

It found that iPhones have an average of 7,000 lithium ion cells in their batteries, while Samsung has an average 3,500, while Xiaomi has an estimated 2,600.

The highest-ranking phones are the iPhone 6 Plus, which has an incredible 7,400 lithium ion cell cells.

The iPhone 6 has an even higher average, at about 6,900 cells.

That’s not to say the phones are all the best, but it does mean that it’s not the worst.

Apple, for instance, has a battery that has the highest rating in the Kinpo battery report, at 7,600 cells.

Samsung’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are rated at around 6,000 cells, while the iPhone 5s is rated at 5,000.

The LG G3 and LG G4, however, have an estimated 5,500 and 4,900 lithium ion battery cells, respectively.

There are a few caveats to all of this, of course.

It’s not perfect.

Kinpo doesn’t test all phones at once, and there are still many unknowns.

The report does have a disclaimer that it isn’t a comprehensive analysis, so some phones in this list might not match all the phones in the next report.

The most important takeaway, however?

If you’re looking to buy a smartphone with the best battery you can find, look no further.

If you need to make the jump to the best device for your money, it’s worth it.

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