How to use your favorite electronic dice to create unique electronic games

NEW YORK — Want to create an original electronic game?

How about an original, two-player electronic game with a twist?

The folks at MetroElectronic are here to help.

The company is working on a series of game prototypes that they hope to bring to the market in 2018.

A prototype of the MetroEther game prototype.

For those not familiar with the term “electronic gaming,” the concept of using electronic devices to play games is pretty straightforward.

One might think that electronic gaming is a bit of a dirty word, but it’s actually one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. and Europe.

Electronic gaming has been around for decades and is an increasingly popular medium of entertainment for both children and adults.

According to a recent survey by the Consumer Technology Association, electronic gaming accounted for $23 billion in revenue last year.

So what exactly are you looking for in a game?

You might not necessarily need a lot of dice, but if you have an iPhone, Android, or iPad, you might be looking at something a bit more interesting.

The Metro Electronic team has a few ideas for games that they believe could capture the imaginations of kids and adults alike.

They’ve already got two prototype prototypes out and are looking for more.

“There’s a lot more of a focus on social interaction, but that’s something we want to keep up with,” said Micah Lee, co-founder of Metro Electronics.

We want to make it easy for kids to enjoy and play with our games.

We think there’s a huge opportunity for kids and their parents to be able to enjoy the games, too.

“The prototype prototypes are being developed by Lee and his team in their home studio.

Lee said he wanted to create a game that could be played with friends and family.

Lee and his wife, Jessica, have been involved in the game development industry for several years and have been playing games for the last three years.

Their first game, “The Story of the Century,” was developed at their home in Dallas.

That game has a twist.

In the game, you’re a small-town kid who has to save the town from a huge monster that has kidnapped a girl.

Lee’s team plans to release a second prototype prototype for adults that will be available soon.

Lee said they’re still figuring out exactly how the game will play, but he hopes to have a working prototype available to play this summer.

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