When you don’t have to worry about pollution, you can save money online

A new study from the University of Oxford shows that when you don�t have to pay for a pollutant, you may be able to save a lot on your electronic products.

The study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, shows that the cost of cleaning your home or workplace was about $400 per year, or just over $10 per month for each tonne of pollution.

The cost of replacing a house or a workplace was less than $2 per month, or about $6.50 per month.

While these costs may seem high, the study shows that they were actually relatively low when compared to other areas of the economy.

It also found that these costs could be reduced if pollution is taken into account in consumer decisions.

For example, the costs of cleaning and maintaining a car or a home were only $0.08 per hour, or 0.1 cents per kilometre, compared to $5.50 a day or $20 a day for a home.

This study also found significant savings in the cost to buy a new home or a new car.

The results of the study show that it was possible to reduce the costs associated with pollution by replacing the pollutants in your home with products that are free from pollutants and contain less harmful chemicals.

The researchers suggest that it is not a matter of choosing the best quality or quantity of cleaning products, but that it can be done by selecting products that have lower costs and are free of pollutants.

The findings have been welcomed by environmental organisations, who are also keen to find ways to reduce pollution.

They are concerned that pollution in the environment is causing more and more people to be exposed to harmful pollutants.

Some of these pollutants are known to be toxic, including the neurotoxic chemical trichloroethylene (TCE), which is also known as DDT.

There is also concern that toxic chemicals have been released into the environment through the burning of fossil fuels.

Professor James Scott from the Oxford Environmental Health Centre and lead author of the research, said:We found that cleaning your house or workplace can save you about $10 a day.

And that saving can be doubled if you do it on a low-emissions basis.

We think that a lot of people are not aware of the cost associated with their household or workplace pollution.

So what are the most efficient ways to clean your home?

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