How Panasonic is transforming its products and how it’s making a dent in the electronics market

Panasonic Electronics is changing the way people buy electronics.

With the introduction of its latest flagship, the EVO X, and the addition of a wide range of smart-home devices, the company is trying to break into a broader market that includes smart-watches and home appliances.

The company is not the only company with plans to take advantage of this changing environment.

But for now, the Panasonic EVO series is its most significant foray into the world of smartwatches.

Like the X, the XS sports a large screen, an attractive design, and an attractive price tag.

But the main difference is that it has a 5.8-inch 1080p touchscreen.

And it offers a slightly higher price tag than the EVOs previous models, at $1,199 for the X with the new model and $1.099 for the older model with the touchscreen.

For most consumers, the difference is significant enough that the EVo XS is now the top-selling smartwatch in the United States.

In terms of how consumers spend their money, the new XS has a 2.7-in touchscreen, which is larger than the 1.8in touchscreen offered in the older models.

The display is sharper than before, and is available in different sizes, from 2.6in to 4.2in.

The OLED screen is also more colorful and vibrant than before.

And, the main change is the OLED display, which offers a better color-accurate display, and a lower color-shift frequency than the older touchscreen.

Panasonic says the OLED screen offers a higher contrast ratio.

This gives a wider viewing area and a clearer image.

The EVO has a different design, too.

It has a much thinner design and a larger screen.

And, like the X model, it comes in a variety of colors.

But, unlike the X models, the screen on the new EVO S is a touchscreen.

It also has an improved screen brightness.

Panasonic promises better color accuracy, and better color balance.

It’s also the most affordable smartwatch that has the OLED touchscreen.

That means that it is also the least expensive smartwatch.

The EVO model is priced at $199.99, while the EVA model starts at $299.99.