Samsung Electronics Electronics to release Galaxy Note 7 in 2018

Samsung Electronics will release a smartphone with a unique battery technology in 2018, a company executive said Thursday.

The announcement comes days after Samsung unveiled a new battery in its Note 7 phablet that has been widely praised by users and has been dubbed the “Godzilla” battery.

The battery has the capacity to recharge the phone at a rate of 1.6 percent for about six hours, according to Samsung.

The Note 7 has been a big seller among Samsung’s Korean and Chinese smartphone customers, which is why Samsung is betting on the Note 7’s battery to be a big part of the smartphone business.

In an interview with Reuters, Samsung Electronics’ senior vice president for mobile business said the company is targeting 2018 as the year it plans to introduce the new battery.

He said that Samsung will introduce a smartphone using the new technology at the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 in March 2018.

“Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones at the Samsung Electronics New Year’s Eve event on March 8 in Shanghai,” said Lee Kyung-joo, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications, according a Reuters report.

The company is expected to release the new smartphone at the same event, which will also feature an event that features the launch and launch of its new flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone.

Earlier this month, Samsung said that its Note 9 smartphone will launch in 2018.

The phone is expected by some to launch in early 2019.

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