Microsoft’s Microsoft Edge is back, but what about Windows 10?

Microsoft Edge has been around for a while now, and the company is already shipping an updated version of the browser on Windows 10.

But this latest update brings some major improvements to Edge, including the ability to disable the security sandbox.

It also makes Edge more secure than ever, allowing for better security and more control over the browser’s settings.

That includes better protection against phishing attacks.

The company says it will also make the Edge browser even more secure by removing some of the more intrusive features that Microsoft Edge doesn’t support.

That will likely affect users of older versions of the web browser.

Microsoft Edge will continue to ship on Windows, but you’ll need to upgrade to the new version to get a new browser.

Windows 10, for example, doesn’t have the new security sandbox that Microsoft is pushing out to Windows 10 users.

If you’re running an older version of Windows 10 like Windows 8, you’ll still need to install a new version of Edge.

The Verge’s Chris Lai explains what you need to know about Edge and what to expect when you upgrade.

Edge will also get a refresh soon, and there are some notable improvements as well.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge on Windows will include the new features of a security sandbox, better control over security settings, and improved security.