How to save money with a new electronic payment app

The Electronic Payment Services (EP) app from Microsoft and Google has launched in the Philippines, making the country the first country in the world where you can buy or sell electronic goods with a credit card.

The company announced on Monday that it had acquired the rights to the popular card-based payment platform.

The Philippines is the latest country in Asia to launch a mobile payments platform, as well as a major global leader in digital payments.

It is the third country to launch the platform, after Indonesia and China, with a number of other Asian countries in the pipeline.

It has already attracted more than 7 million new users and is already one of the fastest growing mobile payment platforms in the region.

The EP app, which was developed by the Philippines National Payments and Technology Authority (PNPAT) and has an estimated value of P10 billion, is available in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Mandarin.

It will be the third mobile payments app launched in a country that has long struggled to attract the world’s largest online payment market.

It will also be the first in the country to offer digital currency payments.

The Philippine government hopes the app will provide more money to consumers and improve the economy.

The new app, developed by PNPAT, aims to improve access to payment services for people, and to improve the digital currency market, according to the PNPATTA.

The PNPATS office in the capital city of Manila is also working on a plan to open a number more payment platforms for Filipinos, as the country faces a shortage of money.

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