How to make a TV for the kitchen

An Australian TV set made from wood could soon be sold as a cook’s toy, thanks to the ingenuity of a small Australian company.

The company, The Woodkitchen, has developed an electric-wood TV cabinet which is just a couple of centimetres long and has a built-in stand to support it.

It has already received its first orders and is expected to ship in March.

The wood kit is made up of two parts – a base, which supports the TV cabinet and a tray for the wood.

The Woodkitchnews CEO, Ben Gwynne, says the cabinet is made of a combination of “old and new wood, a variety of natural materials and a lot of labour”.

“The wood has to be cut to length so that it doesn’t break and it has to sit securely,” he says.

“It also has to stand up to the elements, and that’s what this thing has.”

The WoodKitchnews is not the first to take the idea of a TV set from an ordinary kitchen cabinet.

Last year, The Gwynns announced that they had made a set made of reclaimed wood and used it as a kitchen table for a week.

“We thought it would be a really cool idea for the world to have a kitchen,” Mr Gwynnes says.

He adds that the TV set is just one part of the product line.

“The idea behind the Woodkitchens is to make TVs for the entire home,” he explains.

“People can use it as an extension for their television set, a stand for the TV, or as a stand to hold their laptop or phone.”

The TV cabinet can be attached to your television, so it can be placed in your kitchen as an accessory.

“When you put it in, you can adjust the height to your liking and also have it stand up on the TV so you can set up a table for yourself and your family,” he adds.

The product will go on sale in March, and the price is yet to be confirmed.

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