What’s in your Smartphone’s smartwatch box?

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is releasing a new smartwatch for the iPhone and Android smartphones in 2018.

The smartwatch is the first to come with a built-in accelerometer and a heart rate monitor. 

According to Walmart, the accelerometer will be the first of its kind to be built into a wristband. 

This means that the device can track your heart rate without you having to put on a band or a wristwatch.

The heart rate monitoring will be used to track your steps and fitness goals, according to the company.

The device can also be used for shopping, tracking your grocery purchases and scheduling appointments. 

Smartwatches are coming to smartphones in a few months, and the company says that the first model will arrive in late February or early March.

The first model, the Walmart Watch, is available in several colors and models will come with different colors.

The model with the heart rate tracking will come in black, gold and red. 

The Walmart Watch is priced at $249 and it will be available starting on January 15, 2019.

The Walmart Watch will be a big hit in the smartwatch market.

Walmart is known for making smartwatches, which are typically used for controlling products like televisions, refrigerators and fitness equipment. 

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch, it had a new product, the Apple Health, which was an alternative to the standard Apple watch.

It was supposed to be able to track the heart and blood pressure of users as well as monitor sleep and calorie consumption. 

Apple’s Health was supposed be more like a smartphone.

Apple’s Watch was supposed have a heart-rate monitor, a fitness tracking app, and a sleep tracker, but the Health didn’t do that well. 

With the Apple Watches arrival, Apple has been trying to improve the product.

It introduced a heart strap, a strap for the heart, and added a heart sensor that measures the temperature.

Apple Watch was also supposed to include a sleep monitor and other features like GPS.

Apple said in 2018 that it plans to release another smartwatch. 

Walmart announced its first smartwatch last week. 

 The watch comes with a battery that is rated at 1,000mAh and the watch can last up to seven days. 

Like the AppleWatch, it will not come with an app store. 

Amazon has released its own smartwatch that is designed to be similar to the Apple watch, but Amazon says it doesn’t want to be compared to Apple’s smartwatch. 

It will be sold at a cost of $149 for a model with a 1,800mAh battery and $149.99 for a 2,500mAh battery. 

A Walmart spokesperson told CNN that the company is working with Apple to get the smartwands in the hands of consumers. 

You can check out the new smartwand, and read more about the Apple smartwatch below. 

(Thanks, Ryan)

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