The costco electronic products prototype (CES) is finally in production

New Scientist is reporting that the final electronic product prototype (CEP) for the world’s largest retailer is in production.

The final design is for a smartphone-sized device that will feature a touchscreen, and is currently being tested by the retailer.

The CEP will be manufactured in China, but the final design will be made in Korea.

This is the first time the final CEP is in the hands of retail customers.

It will be the second CEP of its kind for the retailer after the CEP for the first iPhone, and the first CEP since the Cep was launched for the Samsung Galaxy S7 last year.

In order to make it possible to have a fully functional prototype of a smartphone, the retailer’s technology team has been developing a process that can detect the shape of a user’s fingers and send that information to the handset, where it can be analyzed for the device’s features.

This information will be used to build an app to help customers navigate around a shopping app, and then a smartphone app to provide feedback about the device, such as its features and capabilities.

The CEP prototype is a very simple and elegant device, the CDP said in a press release.

Its size, shape and weight make it ideal for smaller handsets, the company said.

This design also has a variety of functions: the device can send and receive phone calls and messages, detect when you’re standing and when you walk and make a call, and it can send music and audio to your headphones.

The prototype also includes a microphone and an accelerometer that can determine your position in relation to the device and determine the speed and direction of movement.

The prototype is expected to ship in 2019.

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