RTE announces the launch of the first UK electronic product label

NEWS ARCHIVE | September 20, 2018 09:15:16 The UK’s first electronic product labeling service is launching with a launch event to be held in Glasgow this Thursday.

RTE is planning a week of events to introduce the service, which aims to bring together all the different electronic product labels in the UK.

The launch of RTE’s first UK product label will be the first time the brand has offered the service in the country, the company said.

It will feature a new colour and format that will ensure that products can be displayed in a way that is both familiar and easy to read, it said.

The service is a collaboration between RTE, the UK’s largest electronics retailer, and the Electronics Association of Scotland (EAAS), which represents a range of the country’s biggest electronics retailers.

The first product to be launched will be a new brand called Digital, the name of the company that will produce the label, RTE said.

“Digital products are unique, they are unique in their presentation and their quality.

They will be unique to RTE and the UK, with the exception of our new electronic product range.”

We are pleased to be working with EAAS and looking forward to welcoming our customers to the new RTE products,” RTE general manager of consumer electronics, Peter Smith, said.

There will be some brand new RTS products that will be launched this week, he added.

Digital products will be available in the following formats:• A digital, digital, blue-white-green-red colour-scheme with the name Digital printed on the front, in a square format.• A white-grey-grey colour-schemes with the names Digital, Blue, Green, Red, Green.• Two white-red-grey colours, the blue-green and blue-grey ones, in different sizes.• Four blue-red, green and red colours, in the same size.

The digital products will include the RTS-V, which is a compact model with a 1.5kg battery and a 12V/2A power supply, the RTR-V and the RRT-V.

The new RTR will have a 13.3mm-diameter (4.9in) display screen with an LED display and a 3,400 mAh battery, while the RTV will have the same screen and display, with a 12.9mm-wide (4in) screen and a 1,400mAh battery.

The RTV has an 8-inch display, while all the products will have an 8.7mm-width display, and RTR has a 9.8mm-diagonal display.RTE said that the digital products would be available for sale in the coming weeks.

It will launch a range from new digital products to older products that have not been updated for several years.RTS will have three products to be available this year.

The E-Series is the new flagship RTS product and will launch in November, the E-V will launch this year and the E5 will launch next year.

Other products to come include the SmartSeries, SmartR, SmartT, SmartS and SmartR2.RTR and the SmartR1 will be manufactured in a new facility in Glasgow, while RTR and RTV and RTS will be produced in the new plant in Kirkcaldy.

The UK has seen a steep rise in demand for electronic products since the Brexit vote, with nearly half of all consumers purchasing electronic products in the first half of 2019, according to RTS.

The company is working with suppliers to make sure that RTS customers have a variety of options for their electronic products.

The rollout of RTS in the United Kingdom is expected to start in the second half of 2020.